About Me

Hi there.
 I’m Maria and welcome to my story.
                                         ~ THE WARM AND FUZZY STUFF ~
I’ve been dying to start up a blog after following some amazing bloggers and thinking this would be a great avenue to share my life and my experiences and hopefully share in yours too.
I’ve been a nail technician for over 25 years,
I now just work from home doing nails a day a week for friends!
(wish we’d had blogging when I started that career, oh, the stories I could tell).              And for the past 2 years have been a professional organiser. (WOW! Hasn’t that career move been an eye opener, where do people get all that ‘stuff’ from, and why do they want to keep it?)
What I loved though, about both careers, was the close contact with my clients.               One on One.
I adored assisting  them with not just nails, or organsing closets, but talking about their lives, their loves, clothes, makeup, labels, you name it, I’ve covered it.
I was their one stop shop for info, advice, a hug or a shoulder….I miss that….. being their go-to-girl, huhhhhhhh….
So thats what I want to achieve here, taking on that role of confidant for anyone that wants it…
                                                      So make yourself a cuppa, 
get comfy, and hang on…..
Have a read, a chat, ask a few questions, some advice, or just unload.                               Post me up some pics to my Facebook Page if you have any areas at home or your wardrobe you’d like some advice on, and together we can brain storm a result!                                           
Lets face it, we all need a sounding board now and again! And what better than someone with a neutral objective outlook….and an opinion or two to share…..
                                                          SO JUST WHO AM I YOU ASK?
Well, I’m one of 5 kids with me being the baby to three older brothers and a sister.        Love big families and am blessed to have them all close by.
I’m a happily married mother of one, a 21 year old very self-confident daughter, (seriously, I know I don’t look anywhere near old enough to have a 21 year old?? I like to say I had her early, lol)…..as well at two extremely energetic step-grandchilden….yep, faaaaar to young for grandkids too!
I’m a born and bred Gold Coast local, (not too many of those around) of which I’m immensely proud. 
I love writing, obviously.
I’m THE most organised person you’ll ever meet – chaos comes in the form of everyone around me….
I adore my family and friends.
I live for dining out, 
and cooking in…
great food, great wine, great company!
I’m a mad keen boaty and stand up paddle boarder and relish my time on the water.

Who’d of thought you could take a snap like this with an iPhone?

I’ve just discovered craft and love to make anything and everything.                               Pom Poms, paper rosettes, canvas’, beading, anything quirky..

Pom Pom Overdrive….
and to hopefully compliment my blog, have started playing with photography….(I have my first photography course booked for later this month).
I have far too many photo apps, and am addicted to Instagram – but then again, who isn’t??
Mostly I just take great pleasure in being able to be there for people. Lift them up when their down, make them smile happy , and share in all that is good about people.
Yep, thats it – I just love people! 
Welcome to my World!

Your pal, 

Maria x x


  1. I love the pom poms that you made - how do you make them?

    1. Hi Buff.
      Sorry it's taken me a few days to get back to you.
      Stil playing with this whole 'blogging' thing.
      I'm glad you liked the pom poms...
      They really made the party.
      To make them, I searched on You Tube for examples of them being made and found a few good ones.
      The best advice I can give you is to just use the cheap tissue paper, {the expensive type is too fine and tears}, and just play with different amounts of paper and how wide you fold them.
      Thats how I ended up with so many shapes and sizes.
      I made some out of cellophane as well. They looked great.
      Ive since done a heap for friends wedding and am doing some for my girlfriends daughters 21st!
      So looks like everybody loves them!
      Maria x x


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