Monday, April 8, 2013

To Die for No Fat - Lo GI Chippies - it's True!

I have finally mastered yummier than yum, crispy, tasty sweet potato chips - and healthy ones too!
I'm a big sweet potato gal. I just don't like the sludgy feeling white potato gives me.
And I love the fact that sweet potatoes have a lower GI than traditional ones and they're a good source of fiber and Vitamin A.
So, apart from the health preference to white potatoes, I actually prefer the taste.
I have just had to get used to the softness of them and of being unable  to get a really good CRUNCH!
Until now......
After much research and trial and error, last night I nailed it.
And thankfully for me and for you, it was quite simple...
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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Scrummiest Protein Balls ever!

I'm not what one would call a sweet tooth, but a little treat occasionally I'm definitely up for....
I seem to be on one long diet, watching everything I eat and reading the nutritional content of every packet I buy...
It's been like this my whole life.
I'm the girl that puts on a gram just walking past a bakery :-(
So imagine my surprise when something a little on the healthy+ side came my way.

I've seen the protein balls at local health food shops, but upon inspection, yep, you guessed it, full of sugar, additives, preservatives - crap!
So I spent a bit of time perusing some online recipes, played with them a bit, and came up with my own.
They're all very similar, but after making quite a few batches, I seem to of now come up with what I love the best, and some of it comes down to technique.
I know we all have different taste buds and this may not be your absolute fave, but give it a whirl, mix it up a bit, and you too can come up with one that you'll love.
Having a batch of these in the fridge stops me picking through the day and cures those 3pm snacks we go searching for....
And surprise surprise - Mr OC loves them too!

Scrummy Protein Balls.

(Now my recipes are not exact like you find in a book, I mean, exact measurements, I tend to cook pretty much to taste and feel. So I'll try to give you the best description I can. Will make about 20.)

*A couple of handfuls of whole almonds ~ about 150grams.
*Same of walnuts ~ about 100 grams.
*Large scoop protein powder ~ about 60 grams. {Make sure you use a good quality, high protein, low fat protein powder. We use International Protein Amino Charged WPI as recommended by our trainer.}
*2 Tbs. Cacao Powder
  {you can use cocoa, but this is the healthier option. Available at health food shops, I go to Mrs Flannery's. Your better off changing to cacao powder and using is in place of chocolate. Find out more about cacao powder here.)
*About a tbs of sweetener. You can use whatever you prefer? Vanilla Essence, Natvia, or I use Organic Rice Syrup. It's up to your own health beliefs.
*1 tsp cinnamon powder
*Fresh Dates ~ about 20.
*Water - to bind.
*Shredded Coconut ~ for rolling.
 {Check out the nutritional charts on coconut. So many have unbelievable levels of sugar. This last lot I bought was funnily enough a Woolworths brand one and had the lowest sugar content of all of them?}


I process the walnuts and the almonds in the food processor a handful at a time and then throw into my mixing bowl.
I then add all the dry ingredients and mix.
I then process my dates till they're almost like play-do.
I add the date mixture to the dry ingredients and rub in with my fingers like I was making a dough, {takes you back to kindy days!!}
Next add your sweetener.
I then add a bit of water, about 1/8 cup, wet my hands, and then bind all the mixture together till it all binds together. If it's not binding, add a touch more water.
Using wet hands, I get about a tbs of the mixture and roll into a ball, roll in the coconut, and put on my tray - and  - voila - thats it!
Pop them in the fridge and enjoy!
No, actually HIDE them in the fridge because your whole family will want to devour every last one.

I make them a bit bigger than a gold ball, saves going back for seconds!

So that's it.
Just wanted to share that with you...
I've always wanted to make them and glad I started to.
So jump on board and try your own, and if you have a groovy recipe for Protein Balls, let me know and I can share it here!

Tra' for now,
Your Pal,
Maria x x x x

Saturday, February 2, 2013

For Kate!

I recently received a rather unusual request from a dear friend of mine about to have a baby.
She asked me to write a few small blessings/wishes for her impending birth as she was making a board of inspiration and words of wisdom to put in the birthing room {a great idea I'm sure you would agree}

And her second request, now this is where it gets 'weird',  is a piece of personal parenting advice???
From me?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bits Begone (Bit 5)

Week 3....

Seems like for-ever.............
Going back over my posts from start to now - this is soooo not where I thought I'd be at this moment!
Remember, I was going to be the one running marathons at 2 weeks.

Oh, to head out on the running track!

Week 3 and I've only been for one walk!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Strawberry and Vanilla Friands

Well Xmas is just about here so I decided it was time to get crafty with some edible yummy Xmas gifts.
I love nothing more than giving gifts made with love and delectable ingredients.
And trust me, there is NOTHING more delectable than vanilla bean paste to add to ANYTHING!

So I'm meeting with a couple of girlfriends tomorrow and thought I'd go bearing gifts....yummo.