Monday, October 15, 2012

Easy Peasy Bean Salsa/Chilli Con Queso.

'For My Big Sis' 
(who is the worlds best cook but asked specially for my recipe for this one!)

Now first I have to point out.
I'm not a recipie girl, can't even spell it!
My poisons are normally more of a throw everything in that I'm feeling like at the time, and voila, yumsville arrives...
So when someone asks for one of my recipes, its normally as close to whatever I can remember. (And as cooking in our house always requires copious amount of wine, that can be one difficult task!!)

With this one it's more about whatever I have on hand. It can be tweaked in a million different direction depending on your taste buds.
So here's what I did this week.....

This is my Chilli Con Queso Version...

This is my absolute fave dish at the moment...
Its my 'Easy Peasy' good to go dish to serve up to friends, and is great for those, "Dont bring a thing!" moments. You know those moments, when you know you have to take something....

Being an ol' Coolangatta local....thats one of the Gold Coasts most laid back coolest towns, thus - Cooooolangatta, LOL, we literally lived atregularly ate at, one of the coast best Mexican restaurants, The Jungle!
Back in its hey day of the 80's (now I'm showing my age) its was the most amazing restaurant called The Rum Jungle, (or if your a real old local you'll remember it before that as Ernie's!!)....Best cocktails ever, ahh, memories, buts that's a whole nother story...anyway, where was I???   Yes, Rum Jungle! Well it was just to die for...memories of my 21st come flooding back, albeit a bit foggy...those cocktails, ahhhhh!

Strawberry Margarita anyone??

It had the same owners then as it has to this day.
Well they moved around the corner from where they started and became just - The Jungle...and mexican!
That was some 21 years ago (I know that because it was where all my pregnancy cravings were satisfied), and its still going strong now - and is still yum!

As we 'frequented' this establishment on a regular basis, friendships were made, recipes exchanged, sometimes the odd key was left for us to lock up when we left???, and my version of they're famous Chilli con Queso was born. 
Its easy to throw together, and depending on what you add, relatively healthy, so thats alway a major plus!

Gotta have plenty of hot stuff...

Chaotic Queso

  • A couple of chopped tomatoes
  • Large chopped red onion
  • Large can red kidney beans
  • 2 tbs chopped jalepeno chillies (more of course if you like it hot)
  • A good handful of coriander
  • A bottle of good quality salsa or taco sauce

Give it all a good mix and then add  (this is where the calories come in so divert ye eyes from the nutritional information and continue, or you can stop here, retain your waste line, and you've got a great salsa).
  • about half a tub of cream cheese
  • a good handful of grated cheese (any sort will do)
and heat on low heat, or low wattage in the trusty 'micro', until just melted.
Stir and sprinkle coriander on the top so its 'pretty'.

Straight from my garden - so cool!

Now yep it's a pretty warmish dish, but if you love an A-Mazing bit of spice in you dish, shhhh,  I'll let you in on my Secret Ingredient, found in many of my dishes, and super hard to acquire.
I was introduced to this by one of my besties Barby, one of the hottest friends I have. (Its' always great to have girlfriend in tip top shape to keep you on your toes.)
Anyway, she spent many years overseas and discovered THE BEST hot sauce ever.
I was lucky enough to find it in Sydney one trip so have stocked up. 
(Yes Barby, I still have one tucked away for you.)
AND, what is it I hear you ask?

Cholula Hot Sauce

Dont ask - just buy...
Its taste defies description...
You just have to try it - trust me.
A good spalsh of this in any dish that needs a kick, and you''ll be in hot heaven. Not burn my a*** hot, just tasty and yummy.
As I said, you just have to try it - it makes this dish!

So enjoy pretty ladies and let me know if it was a hit :-), or a miss :-( 

Your Pal,

Maria x x

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