Monday, March 4, 2013

The Scrummiest Protein Balls ever!

I'm not what one would call a sweet tooth, but a little treat occasionally I'm definitely up for....
I seem to be on one long diet, watching everything I eat and reading the nutritional content of every packet I buy...
It's been like this my whole life.
I'm the girl that puts on a gram just walking past a bakery :-(
So imagine my surprise when something a little on the healthy+ side came my way.

I've seen the protein balls at local health food shops, but upon inspection, yep, you guessed it, full of sugar, additives, preservatives - crap!
So I spent a bit of time perusing some online recipes, played with them a bit, and came up with my own.
They're all very similar, but after making quite a few batches, I seem to of now come up with what I love the best, and some of it comes down to technique.
I know we all have different taste buds and this may not be your absolute fave, but give it a whirl, mix it up a bit, and you too can come up with one that you'll love.
Having a batch of these in the fridge stops me picking through the day and cures those 3pm snacks we go searching for....
And surprise surprise - Mr OC loves them too!

Scrummy Protein Balls.

(Now my recipes are not exact like you find in a book, I mean, exact measurements, I tend to cook pretty much to taste and feel. So I'll try to give you the best description I can. Will make about 20.)

*A couple of handfuls of whole almonds ~ about 150grams.
*Same of walnuts ~ about 100 grams.
*Large scoop protein powder ~ about 60 grams. {Make sure you use a good quality, high protein, low fat protein powder. We use International Protein Amino Charged WPI as recommended by our trainer.}
*2 Tbs. Cacao Powder
  {you can use cocoa, but this is the healthier option. Available at health food shops, I go to Mrs Flannery's. Your better off changing to cacao powder and using is in place of chocolate. Find out more about cacao powder here.)
*About a tbs of sweetener. You can use whatever you prefer? Vanilla Essence, Natvia, or I use Organic Rice Syrup. It's up to your own health beliefs.
*1 tsp cinnamon powder
*Fresh Dates ~ about 20.
*Water - to bind.
*Shredded Coconut ~ for rolling.
 {Check out the nutritional charts on coconut. So many have unbelievable levels of sugar. This last lot I bought was funnily enough a Woolworths brand one and had the lowest sugar content of all of them?}


I process the walnuts and the almonds in the food processor a handful at a time and then throw into my mixing bowl.
I then add all the dry ingredients and mix.
I then process my dates till they're almost like play-do.
I add the date mixture to the dry ingredients and rub in with my fingers like I was making a dough, {takes you back to kindy days!!}
Next add your sweetener.
I then add a bit of water, about 1/8 cup, wet my hands, and then bind all the mixture together till it all binds together. If it's not binding, add a touch more water.
Using wet hands, I get about a tbs of the mixture and roll into a ball, roll in the coconut, and put on my tray - and  - voila - thats it!
Pop them in the fridge and enjoy!
No, actually HIDE them in the fridge because your whole family will want to devour every last one.

I make them a bit bigger than a gold ball, saves going back for seconds!

So that's it.
Just wanted to share that with you...
I've always wanted to make them and glad I started to.
So jump on board and try your own, and if you have a groovy recipe for Protein Balls, let me know and I can share it here!

Tra' for now,
Your Pal,
Maria x x x x

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