Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bits Begone (Bit 4)

Really Slow.
That's the only way I can describe these last few days.
I am never EVER going to admit that I am not doing fabulously and flying along this journey with ease, no one would believe me if I said any different.
I seem to be doing everything at a far slower pace.
Be it just being careful, or the body is just not connecting with the brain???
But I'm in super go slow mode.

I realised this yesterday when I decided it was time to try driving.....
The doctor did say no driving for 6 weeks.
It's been 10 days, so I figured that was pretty close to 6 weeks???

My street is 50 km so I'm normally careful when I drive on it, but as I glanced in my rear view mirror, I noticed quite a few cars behind me???
Check speedo?
Doing about 38.....(now that's embarrassing!)
But it's the whole 'go-slow' thing.
I don't even realise I'm doing it.
I decided to do a few nails clients too yesterday..
You know, sitting down and all that, thought it would be a piece of cake, but even that was a huge effort.
Think it was just the angle of sitting doing nails that screwed me up.....poor Lynda, my last client, I think she was here for about 2 hours - glad we love each others company!!!!
I owe you one buddy.....

Mr OC, (he's the 'Chaos' in my Organised Chaos), took me out the other afternoon to get out of the house.
My favourite haunt, Ferry Rd Markets, our go-to hang for a gourmet hit.
I felt myself grabbing my stomach and feeling fearful someone would bump me.
Everyone seemed to be rushing past me at a hundred miles an hour.
But of course they weren't. I was cruising round at a snails pace.
Which is SO not me.
I'm the one a hundred paces in front of everyone all the time wondering why all my friends are dawdling behind.
I'm the one gung-ho wanting to do everything, be everywhere, see everything.
What the hell do those words even mean?
It means at the moment I suck!
No exercise.
WORSE - No shopping.
Thanks god for online.
Thank You Mimco, e-Bay, Asos, Style Tread, DDG daily, Styling You, for keeping this shopping obsessed girl in shopping heaven!
All bargains of course!
What better way to make a girl feel better than with shoes!
And my Cath Kidston heart is my 'Bits Begone' present to myself.
Mum's get 'push' presents, so why not a 'totally removed' present!

So, that's how I'm feeling today!
I'm off all my medication, still a little sore, and food makes me feel a little sick.
And still cant stomach white wine...whats with that?
But, as I am being reminded by EVERYBODY, (thanks team), I'm still only10 days out!
Over and out,

Your Pal,
Maria x x x

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