Monday, November 19, 2012

Bits Begone (Bit Three)

My Hysterical-ectomy.

So, sorry there friends, its been a few moments between posts. A few several thousand that is...
Funny for the last week I have had so much to share, but just haven't had the energy to drag myself to the computer??
I swear I have never spent so long apart from my 3 loves.
and my Mac...
Anaesthetic does funny things to you. And cannot be good for you???

So, anyhoo, here I am one week out from what I still believe to be the best thing I've ever done (apart from breast implants some years back - sooooo worth that little bit of pain let me tell you!!)

It's been an interesting journey to say the least...

So hospital was pretty sucky, as most hospitals are.
I did expect more from a private hospital, but Ive learnt the more you expect the more disapointed you are!!
I was a little surprised I must admit at my room being part of the maternity ward after having a surgery to remove all my baby making bits?
I was totally ok with these bits being 'gone', but no one there knew that...
I could of been desperate to have more children and having to have the big H regrettably. How would I feel then lying there listening to screaming babies all day and night when longing for my kids??
I dont thankfully, but Im just saying.
Pretty thoughtless on their part.
And who wants to have to listen to someone else's screaming bub all night anyway....
Which is why after two nights I had my bags packed and ready to checkout by 7am...
 I desperately needed sleep and was not getting it there.
So I hightailed it outta there to the peace and tranquility of home - YAY!

Nothing like your own bed huh?

Other than being a bit slow under foot, and bored ridiculously, I'm ok.
I found I did try to do too much straight away, but then I'd be kicked back in my place with a shooting pain down my back, or under my lungs (all gas apparently that they use in the op), and that would knock me back to earth...
I knew for the first few days I wasn't myself when I couldn't even manage a glass of wine with dinner, (now that's when you know your sick, lol), but there hasn't been insufferable pain, I'm on no painkillers, just the odd Panadol, and my Dr says I'm doing amazing.
I actually feel quite lucky.
Over the years as a nail tech I have had clients who've had this procedure and they've been laid up for 6 weeks or more.
As I said, I have absolutely NO EMOTIONAL attachment to my uterus at all, so its all positive for me.

(And as a side note my gorgeous daughter on visiting me told me if I ever had the desire to bear more children I could always "put my eggs in her ute". This was accompanied by a Bits Begone bum dance!.....Hysterical, where does she come up with this stuff from? Goodness knows, wink wink!)
Sorry Tayla, I just had to add it!!

So, there's  lot to be said for going to the gym regularly and keeping yourself fit. I really think its made a world of difference.

Food was a bit hard going for about 4 days, but sadly my appetite has resumed...for food and for champagne - thanks Sue for the Moet, went down like liquid gold!
(See guys, exercise and wineing and dining - its all about balance!)

This morning I took myself off for my first walk down the street and felt perfectly capable...

My favourite things...good mag, beautiful day,
lying by the pool!

Had a few hours by the pool, did some washing and finding now, I'm a little sore and tired.
So all baby steps I guess...
But, at least I have got back onto my blog here.
I've taken heaps of pics over the last few days so can add them to relevant stories as I progress.
I'm going to try for the gym tomorrow so stay tuned for tomorrows post (or not if I overdo it??).
So that's it for now...
Will try to be more hysterical(ectomy) tomorrow.


Your Pal,
Maria x x x x

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