Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bits Begone (Bit 2)

Sunday 11th Nov (lest we forget)

I just do not know how these bloggers chicks, you know the really good ones that do this 24/7, find the time to write every day?? I'm flat out doing this every week? LOL....

One of my faves.....Queen of the Photo a Day Challenge

But I digress, this is about hysterical-ectomys...

I was feeling pretty laid back about this whole 'situation'.
Until my pre-op visit.
Or should it be called, 
"How to lose patients in 10 words or less."
She explained how uncomfortable and painful the whole process will be. Thanks for that love.
The down side.
The side effects.
The dangers.
What about all the good stuff???
The drugs???
The lying about in bed being waited on hand and foot??
Nope, none of that!
So will it be painful then I ask??
Hah, of course my hysterical (NOT) surgeon replied.
And no body told me there was fasting prior...
A bowel prep kit that I have to start today...
It's my friends birthday today, I'd planned on going out, having lunch, a few glasses of bubbles, then just rocking up at hospital tomorrow with a slight hang over, get knocked out, and it would all be over.
Wasn't I mistaken!
So what does my day today entail??
12.00 - light lunch. Whats a light lunch then?? A whole pavlova! That's light....
(Actually my lovely other half is planning me, as we speak, a lovely 'Last Supper', his words, not mine).

Spatchcock, Chilli Grape Salad w/ Polenta..yum.

Then that's it for food.
4.00 Start bowel prep....
Now for those of you that's never had one, your blessed.
This requires you to drink a cup of disgusting liquid then pretty much sit on the toilet for the next four hours - precious!
Cant possibly be good for you. Aren't doctors supposed to give you stuff that's good for you??? Hmmm.
So, tummy completely empty one would be hungry, but no, there's no food for me now till after the op.
Which may I point out is not for another 24 hours...what the??
All this poor chicky can have now is clear broth, (yumm, sounds tasty), jelly, juice, and black tea or water....once again, not sounding healthy here doc?
Oh, and did I mention the booklet, with pictures, on how one goes to the toilet afterwards...this whole 'situation' is just pure class.
No vaccuming, no gardening, no cleaning. Shoot me now....
Who's going to do the housework for the next 6 weeks??
Ceratinly not Mr OC...or should I call him Mr Chaos as his idea of clean is knowing which pile of clothes are for work and which pile is for wearing out!
And there's no excersise.
No life!
So now I'm pretty much off the whole thing and am wondering what the hell I'm doing and is it too late to back out?
Who's idea was this anyway??

I'm a self confessed princess.
I just like pink and pretty things...
I like everything to be perfect.
I don't do yukky and this is going to be one yukky, UN-pretty experience...

So, I'm off to least that I can control.
And yes, I've got pretty jammies to wear. As well as the iPad, laptop, iPhone, make-up and of course pretty sparkly slippers!!

So one more sleep....
Then - to hospital we go, ughhh!
Now that, I'm sure, is going to be a whole other story!!! 
Bloody hell......................................


  1. Babe, I really feel for you. It doesnt sound like what you signed up for at all! Best of luck though... focus on the pretty things, and shut your eyes to the rest. Good luck, thinking of you x x

    1. Hey thanks so much...
      Interesting handle?
      I think this whole procedure is very much a personal thing and its going to be different for every single person, so no manual to guide you through...
      another good reason to write about it huh!
      thanks for listening!

  2. Great writing chicken, good to see you still have your humour. It will all be worth it in the end. Andrew and Gracie send their love and best wishes, and me too. I'm sure Trent will too if he knew what was happening. We love you honey xxx <3 :)

  3. Thanks Lozz...
    I will survive!
    Hey, that would make a great song title.....


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